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Cheap RV Living: What is quality life?

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

Remarkably, another year has gone by and it’s already time for the Holidays. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which is one of the few Holidays where people are encouraged to stop and be introspective. The standard question most of us ask ourselves is, “What am I thankful for?”

That’s a very good question, but after a lifetime of answering it every Thanksgiving, I think most of us have a fairly pat answer that we can spit out by routine.  Perhaps it’s time to ask a different question that probes a little deeper into our heart and soul and makes us truly reconsider the choices we’ve made in our life.

I have a suggestion for what I think is the single most essential question you can ask yourself in order to live your best life:

What is a high quality life?

I know that sounds like an obvious question but I’ believe most people never given it any thought. If you don’t know what a really good life looks like, how can you know if you’re living it?

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