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Cheap RV Living: Storm chases me out of Oregon to Pahrump

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

I’m typing this from beautiful, sunny Pahrump, Nev. As you may know, I’ve spent my summer in Oregon and had planned to stay there until Thanksgiving for a family reunion. But you also probably have heard, a big storm hit the Pacific Northwest and brought a ton of rain, wind and cold with it. I had already been camped in rain and cold for over a week, so I couldn’t stand the prospect of more!!  So being the dedicated Snowbird I am, I headed south.

Having lived for over 40 years in Alaska I’ve had a lifetime supply of cold, dark and dreary–no more for me! I really had thought I could spend fall and part of winter in eastern Oregon and stay comfortable and warm but I discovered that was not true. I had just driven through it and found almost no Verizon internet connection anywhere. Because that’s essential for me I knew I couldn’t stay there.

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