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Cheap RV Living: Staying clean while conserving water

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living

Today we’re going to have a guest post by a new friend Kimberly, on natural ways for a nomad to stay clean. Because we are in such small spaces it’s very important that we use as little water as possible, get as many uses as possible out of every item, minimize the amount of harmful chemicals we come into contact with in such a tiny space–and save some money doing it! She’ll show us how….

Hi Bob & Cheap RV Living readers wherever you may be!
Bob, I really enjoy your blog and YouTube Channel; you’ve taught me a lot! Thanks for affording me the opportunity to create a guest post here.

We’ve been full time for 8 months now but a few years back my desire to live a healthier life inspired me to find avenues to reduce toxins in our home; so I began making non-toxic, aromatherapy products for our home and personal use. This lifestyle change not only cleared the air; it saved us money, too. Eventually, I established a non-toxic cleaning business: Munnatawket Green.

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