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Cheap RV Living: Snowbirds nesting in Ehrenberg 2015

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

It’s time to do my annual post of  returning to Ehrenberg, Ariz., for dispersed camping in the winter. It seems like the longer I’m a Snowbird the more I become like a real migratory bird! Every winter I come home to almost the exact same spot because it has the warmth and provisions I need to make it through the cold season.

Unlike the real Snowbirds, in the summer when I travel north I go to a different spot every year. They’re following their in-born instinct, but I’m following my itchy-feet and instinct for wanderlust! If you are looking to join me in camp, there’s a map to this camp at the bottom of the post. This year we’re the on the main road on the left.

Sometimes people ask if I get tired of always coming back to the same place, and that’s a good question. I have friends who would say yes, they get very tired of it so they come here for a few days or weeks, and then they’re gone, following the call of the open road.

On the other hand, I’m very content to return to the same place every winter and stay for months at a time. I’ve given some thought to the difference between us and why some people can never stay in one spot for long, and others are like me and can happily travel all summer but then just as happily settle down to one spot in the winter. In this post I’d like to share my conclusions.

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