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Cheap RV Living: Smiths Fork/Grey’s River Road

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

In my last post we were traveling the Smiths Fork/Grays River Loop and got as far as LaBarge Pass and the Tri-Basin divide where I turned north on Greys River Road.

Once on the Grey’s River Road you go over a slight pass and head down to Alpine. At the top of the pass the Grey’s River is just barely a creek, much less a major river. As I followed the river I could actually watch it grow as the hundreds of little creeks flowed into it and by the end of the drive it was a mighty river! As you look at the photos you can watch it growing.
Here we’ve just started north on Grey’s River.

The drive along the Grey’s River road is gorgeous with beautiful mountain ranges on both sides. It’s a very long drive and while it isn’t beautiful the whole way, but overall it is well worth the time!

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