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Cheap RV Living: A nomad can be a homesteader

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

If you have found the courage to live in a vehicle, and the ambition to “work camp” your life no-doubt is very simple and very rewarding.  At this point, you may find you have an abundance of money and you might feel the need for a place to call your own.  For this article, I will be talking about buying a piece of land.

Buying land can be expensive.  A very modest 80 acre property can easily cost 200k and up, and anyone who is work camping and paying cash will quickly realize it will take a long, long time to save enough money.  So we will stick to small-sized properties, up to a couple acres.  These generally cost less than 10k (in the country) and 1/2 acre is generally enough space for a small family, an RV and a large garden.

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