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Cheap RV Living: Living in tiny spaces

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

This is the first in a series about living in truly tiny places–I don’t mean a 400 square foot Tiny House–only in Super-sized America would a 400 square foot home be considered tiny! No, I mean living in a truly tiny space like on a bicycle, in a Toyota Prius Hybrid, an SUV, a 35 square foot camper or a 72 square foot extended van.

The first question anyone asks when they hear about living in a car, van or RV is, “How can anyone stand to live in such a small space?” The simple answer is that humans evolved in nature and so for most of our history our homes were always tiny, temporary and very simple; living in a tiny space is normal for humans because it’s what we’ve always done. What’s abnormal is living in a huge, empty space that requires a huge amount of sacrifice, money, effort and time to maintain!   No human ever lived that way until the last 10,000 years and even then only the very rich and wealthy did.

Because of our cultural conditioning we actually believe we need all that space to be happy, but it’s not true, in fact it’s just the opposite, are huge homes are making us miserable because we’re psychologically designed to be happiest in a tiny place and therefore living in huge empty spaces is very unhealthy mentally and emotionally.  In fact I’ve known several people whose therapists had suggested living in a van as a form of therapy. How could living in a tiny space be therapeutic?

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