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Cheap RV Living

Cheap RV Living: How to live on $500 a month as a full time RVer

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

The key to living simply is eliminating the single highest expense most of us have, our housing. We will do that by moving into our vehicle and “boondocking.” By that I mean living in your vehicle without paying for a campsite.

People say to me all the time, “But how can I afford to live in a van and travel all the time?” My answer is always, “How can you afford not to?!” Let me prove to you right off the bat that you can live the free life. Here is a budget showing just how little money you need to live and travel full time. One column is for a $500 a month and the other is for $1,000 a month.

1) Move into your vehicle and save your rent/house payment

You are probably working at a job right now and paying for an apartment or house. The first thing you do is decide what type of vehicle you want to live in and purchase it. Then you have a garage sale and sell as much of your excess stuff as you can, and give the rest away. Then you move into your vehicle. Now this is very important, you open a savings account and the money you used to pay to your landlord for your apartment or house payment (including the utilities) you start paying to yourself instead by putting the payments into the savings account instead.

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