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Cheap RV Living: How to connect your buddy heater to a 20 pound bottle

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

Most of us living in our cars and vans are on a tight budget and in the winter we have to be careful that our budget doesn’t go up in smoke buying propane to stay warm, in today’s post I’ll show you a way to prevent that.

Last week I recommended both the Mr. Heater Buddy series of heaters or the Olympian Wave series of heaters for your car, van or RV. While the Olympian is designed to only work with bulk refillable bottles, the Mr. Heater Buddy heaters are designed to work with green, 1 pound bottles that are not refillable (technically, they can be refilled but that’s a post for another day).

There are advantages to the green bottles: they’re small and easy to store and they’re easy to take on and off. But they have one really huge disadvantage and that’s they are very expensive. You might be thinking, “I can buy them at Walmart for about $6 for a two pack and $3 each isn’t so bad.” And that’s true if all you are doing with them is cooking on your propane stove.

If you don’t cook involved meals a green bottle can easily last two weeks or a month. That’s only $3 to $6 a month and most of don’t mind that at all. However, if you are using them for heat it’s a very different story!

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