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Cheap RV Living: Frequently asked questions about solar

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

When you move into a van, one of the best thing you can do is get a solar power system so you can have all the power you need. However, for the majority of us the world of electricity is a mystery we want to know as little as possible about. All we really care is that when we flip on a switch, the light or appliance comes on. If it doesn’t, we replace it or call an electrician. But now that we’ve decided to be nomads in cars, vans and RVs and need a solar system for power, things get a whole lot more complicated.

Believe me, I understand your fear and frustration when it comes to learning and installing solar power. In 2009 I decided I had to have solar on my van but I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me–I had it do it myself. But it was all just so hard to understand! So I set about trying to unravel the mystery and began to read everything I could find on the web. It was a long hard process but six years later I have a good grasp of it. By far the simplest way to have solar is with a Renogy Portable Suitcase 100 watt system. Anybody can have it running in 5 minutes! Get it from Amazon here: Renogy 100 Watts Foldable Solar Suitcase

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