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Cheap RV Living: Building a sliding, pull-out bed in a van

From the bloggers at Cheap RV Living.

For a single person who’s decided to live in a van, deciding where to put the bed isn’t that hard, it either goes along one of the sides or across the back of the back door. However, there are times when the width of the bed can become a problem:

  • If you are a couple in a van,
  • or a single person with pets who insist on sharing the bed with you,
  • or even just a single person who likes a big bed.

Most vans only have 60 square feet behind the front seat (6 x 10 feet) but if  your bed is 28  square feet (4 x 7), it takes up almost half the room in your van which doesn’t leave you with much room for everything else! To solve that problem, many people consider using a folding bed that either goes up against the wall during the day or a sliding bed that pulls in or out morning and evening.

I don’t recommend folding beds for these reasons:

  • Dealing with the mattress and bedding is cumbersome and still takes up a lot of room
  • It’s too complicated and time consuming. Everything about vandwelling takes longer throughout the day so at the end of a long day you probably just want to get in bed and go to sleep, you don’t want to face another engineering problem just to go to bed.  Sleeping is so important it needs to be really simple, both before and after.

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