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Cell Sign Technologies brings smart home technology to RVs

By Darian Warden
Assistant Editor, RV Daily Report

MANCHESTER, Tenn. — Cell Sign Technologies is bringing the concept of the smart home to the road with its new technology.

“We’ve created the first mobile smart home in America,” said Owner Eric Casebolt. “We see smart homes coming out as well, but 90 percent of the companies rely on an Internet connection. We were probably one of the first in America to start going that direction.”

The company has teamed up with Newmar so far to provide smart home technology in both the SX and King Air models. The system utilizes an mnm device and talks alpha numeric code straight to a cell phone without wifi, meaning the technology is 100 percent wireless.

The program scans and notifies owners of any issues with the coach, including temperature changes, voltages, camera surveillance; it is essentially a doctor for the RV that is constantly performing a check up, Casebolt says.

“The technology is really between you, your cell phone and RV,” said Casebolt. “It provides security and safety on the road, with the ability for customers to set up their own password and phone number.”text_message

The system works when a sim card is placed in the RV, currently provided by AT&T or T-mobile, then with a few commands from Cell Sign Technologies is ready to send alerts and messages directly to the customer’s cell phone.

“You can even name the RV anything you want. Call the RV Frank and every time you use the mobile application or get a text regarding the coach, it will show up as Frank,” said Casebolt. “Once the sim card is in the coach we can make the owner the master. It can be done over a lunchtime.”

Casebolt said the program is an excellent way for RV owners who have pets traveling with them to remain worry-free about leaving their pets in the coach. If a change in temperature creates an unsafe environment for a pet, a message from the program will alert the owner to the change.

“No matter where you are, driving, camping, even at the house, if someone breaks in or something mechanical goes awry, you will get a message and be able to do something about it,” said Casebolt. “It’s security and safety on a the road and a needed product now. It’s a monitor for your coach to know where you’re at, how the coach is performing and if anything is wrong in real time.”

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