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Installing MCD shades

Huggins - shade 4

We never liked the pleated shades much as they were a pain to adjust, an awful dust catcher and quite difficult to clean. Long story short, we measured several times and ordered MCD American Solo night shades.

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20 RV driving tips


There are times when driving an RV or pulling a large trailer can be a complicated and hazardous, so to help you out we’ve put together a useful list of driving tips.

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Mark My Words: Setting thermostat trip point

man with cooling fan

In the summer months, the air conditioner cools it well, but the inside temperature gets too hot before the AC kicks on again. It’s more noticeable at night when I am trying to sleep. Is there a method to maintain a more even temperature?

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Mark My Words: Can I flat tow my vehicle?

(Photo courtesy of Roadmaster)

I have a 2008 Lincoln MKX luxury cross-over that I have been using a tow dolly behind my 34-foot Hurricane motorhome. It’s front-wheel drive, and I would like to know if I can tow four wheels on the ground

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Mark My Words: Power supply choices

branchement électrique

The park management said the sites are daisy-chained together. This doesn’t mean much to me other than I know I don’t have 50 amps dedicated to my site. Does the voltage drop that much from site one to site seven? In a motorhome with a lot of electronics, what causes the problems when the voltage drops?

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Mark My Words: Cleaning oil from vinyl flooring

Common cleaning

To make matters worse, I didn’t see it before backing the cart out, and, of course, I got a tire in it and smeared it 3/4 of the length of the trailer and on the tailgate. It seems to have soaked right into the vinyl and stained it. We tried numerous household and floor-cleaning products and even tried spraying brake cleaner on a small area. Nothing seems to touch it.

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Mark My Words: Winning a battle with ants

Top view of the chain of ants

We’ve used Andro yard spray for insects, Spectracide yard spray for ants and countless sprays of Ortho Home Protector spray indoors. The ants still seem to get through our poison barrier, and I’m worried that if we spray anymore, we’ll be the dead bugs in the trailer.

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Mark My Words: Water heater bypass, dead battery

Interstate battery

So what’s the water hearter bypass valve for? If I don’t want hot water, I just turn it off using the electrical switch. My one-year-old house batteries are dead. I just spent about a month hooked up to 30-amp power. Was I supposed to disconnect the house batteries?

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Mark My Words: Restoring shine to fiberglass

Question mark Fotolia

Over the last year the front- and rear-end caps and the fiberglass roof have lost their shine and a chalky residue has formed. This residue can be washed off, but the shine is gone. My questions are, how do I restore the shine to these fiberglass components and then better protect them from UV damage in the future?

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Mark My Words: What’s the best way to store an RV?

(Photo courtesy of Sun City RV Storage Compound)

The summer sun is punishing hot. Two years ago, the temperature was in the three digits for more than eight weeks. Last year, the wind was over 80 miles an hour on one occasion. What steps can we take to preserve our fifth wheel’s interior and exterior?

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