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Tips for safely towing a trailer

RVIA - Towing travel trailer

The ability to see this beautiful country and cut down on the costs of lodging and food is certainly a wonderful prospect. However, when purchasing a travel trailer, it is important to know how to travel safely with your bumper pull or fifth wheel.

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Mark My Words: Curbing air conditioner odor


We have a 2011 motorhome that has two air conditioning units. Although we periodically wash and dry the foam filters in the units, we are getting a musty odor every time we turn it on. The odor only lasts a few minutes, but it is truly unpleasant.

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Removing moldy Diamond Shield from an RV


In 2006, the product allowed moisture underneath the film or there was a problem with the application process. Either way, the moisture under the film ended up molding and turning the entire front into a dirty-looking brown with dark spots all over.

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Mark My Words: How level does an RV need to be?

leveling blocks

I’m wondering how much twist the chassis and coach can withstand. What would be the effect if I simply parked it on the cement despite the unevenness of the parking space? I remain concerned that, without some help, this is a tremendous strain on the structural elements

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Fluid analysis: A must-have for RV owners

Laboratory for chemical analysis

Routine analysis of fluids can save RV owners money, create clear and effective insight on maintenance, and make the vehicle and equipment more reliable overall. And, it is very inexpensive; typically less than the cost of an oil change.

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Should you use synthetic oil in an RV?

Laboratory for chemical analysis

Do synthetics really represent good value? The truth is that your buddy’s high dollar synthetic oil -- the one you’re considering switching to -- might be the “world’s best oil” and it may very well be worth every penny.

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Mark My Words: My battery was smoking

Checking car battery

I noticed a faint whiff of sulfur somewhere near our 2007 motorhome, but I could not locate the source of the smell. I soon found that our 12-volt, maintenance-free chassis battery was smoking and too hot to be touched without leather gloves.

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Dash cams: A new fad or an RVing necessity?

Dash cams

There are so many memorable moments that happen while we are traveling, and often times these moments happen when we least expect it. The second reason to have a dash cam is to document any incidents/accidents that may occur while on the road.

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