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A guide to RV fire extinguishers

Using a fire extinguisher

Owning a fire extinguisher isn't enough. You must also know where they are, how to use them and make sure they're in good working order before they're called into action.

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Easy way to monitor LP tank levels

Camco LP regulator

The level of LP gas in onboard tanks is an important "need to know" item, especially if you’re camping in cold weather. What would you do if you ran out of propane in the middle of the night and your family had no heat to keep warm?

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Mark My Words: Do I need a trickle charger?

battery charge clips

What starter batteries don’t like is being connected to the RV’s converter and being constantly charged at the same rate and voltage as the house batteries. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use a small “trickle charger” or “battery maintainer” to maintain the charge on your starter battery.

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Five RV tire safety tips

worn out tires

Simply put, if you neglect your tires, then there isn’t much more on your RV that could be more dangerous. Tires are very simple items, yet they’re the only thing between several tons of moving metal and the road.

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Five important RV fire safety checks

(Photo courtesy of Mac the Fire Guy website)

With more than 20,000 reported RV fires every year, it is probably the largest cause of RV damage in the United States. With the following safety checks, you can greatly reduce the risks of losing your vehicle or even worse, harm coming to your loved ones.

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Permanent RV odor control is possible!


So our question is, if the RV industry knew there was a simple, inexpensive and 100 percent effective way to eliminate the possibility of noxious odors and gasses entering the RV living space, why would they not provide this as a service to their customers?

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RV Wi-Fi: Roam where you want to travel

Laptop and coffee in outdoor office

Connecting to the internet is a daily activity. Installing a mobile Wi-Fi solution, RV Wi-Fi, is a smart way to stay connected, and say in touch with the digital side of life, wherever you may roam.

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Mark My Words: Gas vs. diesel

Gas pump Fotolia

I’m currently contemplating the purchase of a fifth wheel. The unit I’m interested in is 14,000 pounds, so I’ll have to buy a bigger pickup to pull it. Do I want a diesel or a gas pickup? Why do I want either one?

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With a solar system, RVers can camp for free

Solar - roof system

Boondocking opens up so many opportunities as you can get the best views, places for the kids to run and be loud without campground owners and other guests getting upset. We love being remote and alone so we have time to enjoy the landscape around us.

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Yes, you can get good FREE Internet on the road

Man working with laptop sitting on the rocky mountain on beautiful scenic clif background.  Thailand. Krabi .

With this configuration, I have been able to pick up Wi-Fi from up to 1.7 miles away! I said it right, 1.7 miles away! -- and was in an area surrounded by mountains. With that in mind, I think I may be able to get up to 3 miles away on flat terrain.

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Mark My Words: Ending bathroom odors

Nasty Bathroom Job

I would like to know what would cause odor from the bathroom to come up into the RV during travel. When we stop, you can smell an odor when you step inside the fifth-wheel, but when stationary there is no odor.

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