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Review: Master waste disposal with Waste Master

Drain Master 3

The Waste Master is a night-and-day difference compared to the traditional way of dumping holding tanks. I don't ever need to touch a hose, twist off a leaky cap or worry about dumping junk all over a campsite. Dumping waste tanks could not be easier.

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Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar

Jen - screen 4

I found myself always struggling to go in and out of the screen door on our fifth wheel. Now, with the help of this little gadget, I have a nice bar to hold onto and securely shut and easily open my RV screen door.

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Oxygenics Fury makes a fabulous shower

Oxygenics Fury 3

The Oxygenics Fury RV offers five different spray pattern settings, which are easily changed by a lever on the bottom of the shower head. The settings vary in water usage and spray intensity, from a light rain-like cascade to a more powerful massaging spray.

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Ecocamel Orbit: A British solution to great showers

Orbit 1

The large round opening for water output creates a nice wide stream of water, similar to what I enjoyed in a home shower. I was able to go 10 days without dumping the gray water tank, which indicated that it lived up to its promise of saving water, too.

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Hughes Autoformer – Never worry about spikes again

Hughes Autoformer 6

Campground power systems can be unpredictable, especially in older RV parks. Some parks set up utility poles on a chain, which means that a problem with an RV a few sites away can can certainly impact other RVs hooked up to that same power chain. If one RV pulls too much power, it can reduce the amount of power available to other RVs connected to the same system. A low voltage situation is just as destructive to on-board electronics as a power surge. RV owners have the ability to protect themselves and their rigs by using a Hughes Autoformer.

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RV Armor — The end-all to a roof problems

My final roof completely coated in RV Armor

Once the final coating was applied, the product has lived up to its name by forming an armor-like protection over the roof that provides protection against ultra-violet light damage, punctures and water. I have endured some torrential downpours since the roof was installed and have not seen any signs of leaking. I have even had a decent size branch or two fall onto the roof, along with an ample barrage of chestnuts. The roof has provided flawless protection.

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Ultra-Fab Heavy Duty King Pin Tripod

Jen - Ultra-Fab king ping stabilizer

There is nothing more irritating than a fifth wheel trailer that rocks from side to side once you are set up. We noticed this right away and were looking for a relatively inexpensive way to stabilize our camper.

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Demarle offers lightweight, flexible cookware

Demarle cookware

A multitude of molds offers excellent diversity in size and shapes of baked products. This cooking collection seems ideally suited to the RVing lifestyle because the molds are lightweight, flexible, easy to clean and easy to handle and store.

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FloJet RV Waste Pump grinds it up, spits it out

Jen - FloJet 2

The FloJet Macerator allows you to empty your tanks by connecting whatever length standard hose you have. It allows you to reach dump stations that are hundreds of feet away or easily fill a portable tote along. We all know this is a dirty job, but this macerator makes it just a little bit more tolerable.

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Camco TastePURE KDF/Carbon Water Filter

Jen - water filter

This simple, small and inexpensive filter can make a huge difference in your water quality. Just twist it on to the hose and breathe deep knowing that the water you bring into your home on wheels isn’t going to make you sick.

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Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Lounger

Jen - Timber Ridge chair 2

We found this chair while roaming the aisles of Costco last spring and I was ecstatic to find a zero gravity chair under $100 that seemed like it would serve me well. After 15 months of use, the lounger is just as sturdy as day one and I would highly recommend making the purchase of this chair.

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