Tuesday , September 19 2017
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WiFiRanger debuts SkyPro Pack Wi-Fi booster


The WiFiRanger SkyPro Pack includes the WiFiRanger Core internal router delivering blistering fast AC speeds for the RV internal wireless devices, with multiple radios, 2.4 and 5.8Ghz frequencies, multiple antennas, and five local area network ports

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Thetford introduces 20-foot Titan sewer hose


The 20-foot sewer kit is made in the U.S.A. Built with Thetford’s proprietary TPE (thermal plastic elastomer), Titan provides the highest degree of puncture and abrasion resistance to avoid annoying pinhole leaks, the release continued. It also excels in extreme temperatures.

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Torklift’s GlowGuide now works on slideouts


The upper door mount of the GlowGuide arm runs up to the door entryway, the lower step mount arm runs down to attach to the current step system and the strut arm runs diagonally and attaches to the slideout portion of the RV. All three arms can telescope to the same or different lengths needed for perfect GlowGuide usage.

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SitGo offers portable resting solution


Comparable in size to a water bottle, the SitGo is easy to carry and store. With its telescoping feature and light weight design users can quickly and easily rest from standing at anytime, anywhere.

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Cooluli introduces six-can cooler/warmer


Ideal size for use at home, in the nursery, office or dorm room, the release noted, adding that mom’s love the ability to keep milk or formula at the right temperature. Users can bring their lunch to work in the morning and keep it hot all day.

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DRV introduces new Mobile Suites Aire


“The longest floorplan in the lineup weighs 14,300 pounds,” said Fought. “The Aire will be a perfect fit for RVers who do not want to upgrade their truck to become part of the DRV family.”

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Magellan introduces MiVue DashCams

Magellan MiVue New Line

“Whether fighting a traffic ticket or insurance fraud, protecting against parking lot accidents, or simply keeping an eye on teenage and other drivers, having high quality footage can mean all the difference," said Pedersen.

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Nexus introduces Viper 25V Class B+


“It is a very functional unit, it has a walk-around bed, and although being small, has many of the same features you would find in our larger units,” Middleton explained.

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TeleBrands introduces Atomic Beam flashlight


Its strong beam allows more people to do their hunting, fishing, and other activities after sunset, and its long range can be seen from miles away, making it useful during power outages, harsh storms, and other emergency situations

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