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Do It Yourself RV: 10 scenic RV campgrounds where you can soak in views


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- As RVers, we don’t really ask for much – just a good, working rig and even greater company. But let’s be honest: parking somewhere with front-row mountain and ocean views just makes your experience that much more delightful. How could you not love stepping out of your RV into soft beach sand, only a stone’s throw away from the water? Or to simply walk out and be greeted with up-close mountain views?

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Geogypsy: Foto Friday fun


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- Camping during January in crazy Quartzsite with 1000s of your new best friends, and a dozen or so you know and like. So fun I plan to return in 2017 to gather with Grand Canyon friends and hopefully the third Blogfest. Let me know if you’ll be camping in the desert near Q.

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RV Wheel Life: Equine RVs, part 3


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- For a little more luxury and comfort, especially for those who spend long stretches at horse events, Featherlite offers a custom Legend Edition 8582 living quarters trailer.

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My Own Highways in My Mind: Lumberton, Tex.


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- Way back in 2005 or so I toyed with the idea of full time RVing once Leonard and I retired. The more I investigated that option the more I liked the idea. After much discussion we decided it would be a good way to spend some of our retirement.

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The Camping Canuck: Cooking tips for campers


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- Cooking on the camping grounds can be extremely challenging. Nonetheless, there is no substitute to eating a freshly-cooked meal after venturing into a difficult camping trail. After all, the best camping memories are shared around the table.

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Off-Grid: Staying warm in the cold weather


(Dec. 12, 2016) -- As I sit here next to the wood burning stove, I am cozy warm inside of the SkyCastle. The temps are dropping and we just might have our first real cold snap of this winter later on today, at least that’s what the weather wizards keep saying.

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Gypsy Journal: We’re ready for you


(Dec. 12, 2016) — I wrote a while back that we still had to find some furniture for our guest bedroom because we have company coming in just a few days. Anybody has been furniture shopping in recent history can tell you that most of the new stuff is poorly made and terribly overpriced.

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Geeks on Tour: If you can send an email, you can write a blog


(Dec. 12, 2016) — Here at Geeks on Tour, we think that the free platform by Google is the easiest way to create and maintain a blog. It can be like a personal journal, or it can be a club website, a small business, or just a place to write what’s on your mind.

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