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Technomadia: Tips for balancing work and a RV traveling lifestyle


Life on on the road for us working aged folks isn’t an extended vacation afterall, and we’re not retired. So how do you balance all this? Of course you want to embrace the opportunities this new nomadic lifestyle affords you. But you also have to get in some really productive hours to get your work done so you can afford it and still save for the future.

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RV Lifestyles: Cost of full-time RV living


Joe and Linda Smith are beginning their third year living and traveling in their RV. Being retired, they decided they wanted to travel and feel the RV is the easiest way to do this. The Aransas Pass Progress lists a variety of resources to help people considering RVing full time.

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What is it like to live in an RV full time?


If nothing else, automobiles have an uncanny ability to stir wanderlust in their drivers and perhaps no other vehicle is more effective in that regard than the recreational vehicle, or RV. Whether for a memory-making haul with the family or a solo quest for something hiding just beyond the horizon, …

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Visiting Florida’s Emerald Coast

Gone With the Wynns logo

"The moment we first hit the sand it all came back; the familiar squeak between our toes from the ultra fine sand, the unbelievable pastel sunsets, and the insanely friendly people ," wrote Jason and Nikki Wynn at Gone With the Wynn's.

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A wonderful alternative to installed washer

Panda washer

Called the Panda small compact portable washing machine, it hooks up the the kitchen sink and washes a load of clothes in less than 20 minutes. It holds 10 pounds of laundry. Although it doesn't dry the clothes completely, it does spin them very close to dry, one user reported.

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Essential RV lifestyle products

Sleep Number bed

John and Kathy Huggins, at Living The RV Dream, have assembled a list of their all-time favorite RV products, which include items to improve showers, get a good night's sleep, keep comfy in all kinds of weathers, and stay informed of severe weather wherever you might be camping.

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Connecting to the Internet on the road

RV Mobile Internet

The people at RV Mobile Internet have done exhausting research on the various wireless data plans that are available, and have made recommendations as to what's the best options for mobile Internet connectivity based on various circumstances.

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