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Drivin’ & Vibin’: Etsy on the road


(Dec. 2, 2016) — When we created our vintage Etsy shop in 2014 we never expected it to be our sole source of income; much less support a life of fulltime traveling. Here we are – two years later – roaming around North America, living off of our Etsy revenue.

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Interstellar Orchard: Health insurance update


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- Starting in 2015, the Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as Obamacare) changed the health insurance scene for full-timers dramatically. Everyone over 30 now had to have full insurance – high deductible plans didn’t meet the requirements – or pay a penalty.

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KSL: 4 places to go winter camping in Utah


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- The powder is still settling after Utah's first big snow dump of the year. Thousands of people are getting their skis or snowboards ready to hit the slopes. While the ski resorts fill up with people, another often-overlooked winter activity becomes available — camping.

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KOA: Top reasons to work kamp


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- Ever been interested in working at one of the many KOAs across the US and Canada? As part of the KOA Work Kamper Program that dream can become a reality! Each year, hundreds of full-time RVers fill a variety of positions on KOA campgrounds. These dedicated employees use the program to combine their love for campground living with campground jobs.

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Seattle Pi: Manteca to Bakersfield, Calif.


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- Yesterday, I drove the 232 miles from Manteca to Bakersfield, Calif., with no problems. I hope when President Trump Makes America Great Again, he can arrange to repave U.S. Highway 99! Despite my new shocks, it’s a bone-jarring ride in many places!

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RV123: Bubble level app


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- his very simple app can really come in handy for avid RVers. Making sure your RV is level is an important part of the process when you first arrive at a campground. With this app, you won’t have to travel with a real bubble level, which can save you both space and time!

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RV Travel: More power to ya’ — your RV, that is


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- So just how much more power does a 50-amp shore power plug have compared to a 20- or 30-amp plug? We like to bring a lot of our electronic toys with us, and have tripped the 30-amp circuit breaker a few times. Should we consider a 50-amp plug for our next RV? —Stan

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On the Road of Retirement: Cool places to visit in San Diego


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- On day 4 they moved over to our RV so things became a bit cramped in Abbey we all navigated our way around in around 400 square feet. This was Brooks first time to San Diego so we wanted to share the sights and sounds of this awesome city. One must-stop for all travelers is a visit to the huge cross at Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial.

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Roaming Free: Lots of little visitors to the Refuge


(Dec. 1, 2016) -- In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, lots of school kids study the history of American Indians. Since our Wildlife Refuge includes a historic Indian mound belonging to the Santee Indians, we’re a popular location for field trips, and we had a couple of groups visit in the days before Thanksgiving.

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