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Mark My Words: Do I need a trickle charger?

battery charge clips

What starter batteries don’t like is being connected to the RV’s converter and being constantly charged at the same rate and voltage as the house batteries. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use a small “trickle charger” or “battery maintainer” to maintain the charge on your starter battery.

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Minneapolis: A great family destination


Minneapolis is a booming city with high-rise business centers and a skywalk that connects to all of them, yet right around the corner you'll find a beautiful park, lake or waterfall. Best of all, it's home to the world's largest shopping center -- Mall of America -- a 4,870,000-square-foot experience all in itself.

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Magical Maine: Where America goes to relax

Portland Head Light

There's a laid-back, stop-and-relax atmosphere to Maine that captivates visitors. It's not unusual to see two or four Adirondack chairs outside homes inviting people to just breathe in the sea breeze and watch life pass by. I had the opportunity to spend a whole week in Maine this month, and I've made the commitment to return for a month or longer next year.

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The majesty of Wyoming’s dwindling wild horses

Beverley - Wild Horses 5

With the Bureau of Land Management rounding up hundreds of wild horses each year, one of the few remaining wild horse herds can be found just outside of Cody, Wyo. And I was determined to see this untamed marvel up close before it is lost forever.

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Five RV tire safety tips

worn out tires

Simply put, if you neglect your tires, then there isn’t much more on your RV that could be more dangerous. Tires are very simple items, yet they’re the only thing between several tons of moving metal and the road.

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Recipe of the week: Parked peach pie

parked peach pie

Country music star Debbie Cochran shares her recipe of parked peach pie, which she makes in her Itasca motorhome as she travels the country performing concerts and meeting new people.

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Musing in museums in North Carolina

Touch Tank at Discovery Place

North Carolina could easily be the best state to visit when you need to stick to a tight budget. I know after our jaunts through some of the pricier locations on the east side of the country, we gladly welcomed the savings we found in this southern state.

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Mosquito defense in the great outdoors

Mosquito in nature. close

With headlines of Zika virus being transmitted from mosquito to human in Florida recently hitting the news, taking a few minutes to brush up on mosquito defense may prove worthwhile if an outdoor excursion is in the near future.

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A work camper’s view: RVers biggest trash sins

Richard - Trash Thank You

Having now collected our neighbors’ trash for several months, in a park that offers this service, here are 10 ways you can make your work camper’s day more pleasant. And who knows? A work camper may be your next-door neighbor.

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Five important RV fire safety checks

(Photo courtesy of Mac the Fire Guy website)

With more than 20,000 reported RV fires every year, it is probably the largest cause of RV damage in the United States. With the following safety checks, you can greatly reduce the risks of losing your vehicle or even worse, harm coming to your loved ones.

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Recipe of the week: Quick fruit salad

Fruit salad Fotolia

This week's recipe is for quick fruit salad. It was submitted buy Stephanie from Mesquite, Texas, who grew up RVing with her parents and now continues that tradition with her husband and two young girls in a pop-up trailer.

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