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Top 10 list of the best factory tours in the western United States

Dana Tour 2

Factory tours are educational field trips that give your children the opportunity to be present, engaged, and vested in the manufacturing process of products that we know and use. Being onsite and actually viewing all it takes to bring an item from raw materials, to shelf ready products, leads to a memorable and enhanced learning experience.

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Shark Valley Visitor Center teeming with Everglades wildlife

Jen - Big Cypress Trail 4

We had heard great things about the amount of wildlife seen on the 14 miles multi-use trail and wanted to see for ourselves. As soon as we got to the start of the path we weren’t disappointed! There were alligators galore along with turtles, fish and many varieties of birds.

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Visitors to Mackinac Island are transported back in time

Mackinac - FortMackinacDemo

Visiting Mackinac Island was an amazing experience and something not to be missed. You can’t bring your RV on to the island, but there are great campgrounds located in Saint Ignace. However, crossing the bridge to get into Saint Ignace is a nail biting trip.

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Photo tips from Death Valley

DV - Lik 101

Everyone’s first inclination is to make a photo of the building and photographs. But, that doesn’t really capture the odd, absurdity of a 250-square-foot building housing four large photographs. I waited until dark to make a high dynamic range (HDR) photo of the surreal scene.

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Lemon-Yogurt Cake — a delicious Dutch oven dessert

lemon-yogurt cake

This classic lemon-yogurt cake is rich and simple, and has a tendency to make people reach out for more. And like all good things, it won’t come along alone. It will be accompanied by a delicious apricot sauce, which goes together with this lemon-yogurt cake like politicians and sweet-talk.

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Baby, why don’t we go to Key Largo?

Keys - Key Largo Sunset

Key Largo is the first city of the Florida Keys and one you don’t want to miss. It has a much calmer pace then the crazy nightlife of Key West! The Florida Reef surrounding the Keys is the third largest coral reef in the world. Snorkeling and diving are high on the list of things to do when you are in Key Largo. There is snorkeling right off the beach and you don’t even need to take out a boat, unless you want to really explore the turquoise waters.

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The pitfalls, pratfalls and potholes of highway driving

America's loneliest highway -- not the best stop for an RV problem.

There are three basic kinds of driving: city driving, freeway driving and highway driving. As RVers we spend a lot of time, probably most of our driving time, on the open road. We can all use a little nudge now and then so here are a few gentle reminders about safety on the highway.

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San Diego for rest, relaxation, adventure and fun

San Diego sunset

With it's endless balmy weather, San Diego is a RVer's dream destination for both snowbirds and family roadtrippers alike. Whether you are looking for rest and relaxation, or you're ferreting out fun, California's southern-most metropolis offers a plethora of experiences for a variety of tastes.

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RV Hall of Fame takes trip down memory lane

RVMH entrance

Walking into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart is like taking a trip down memory lane watching the history and development of recreation vehicles unfold from the very simple vehicles used in the 1930s to the opulent homes on wheels the industry produces today.

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Sedona: The beauty of Red Rocks Country

Sedona -Cathedral Rock

Anytime is a great time to visit the Red Rock country. There are four seasons in the Red Rocks and each season has a lot to offer the RV visitor. Sedona has numerous festivals, film events and special events throughout the entire year. The red rock formations are beautiful during every season and are especially gorgeous when dusted with snow.

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