Sunday , August 20 2017
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Great apps for navigating Disney World


If you are one of the many full time RVers headed to Florida for the winter and you are looking for some ways to ensure any visits you might make to the magical world of Disney go as smoothly as possible, you will definitely want to download these nifty smartphone apps.

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Beautiful beach days in Cape May, N.J.


Cape May County in New Jersey is a beautiful place with adorable, colorful houses, exciting boardwalks and gorgeous beaches. People flock to the area during the summer months to splash in the ocean waters, leaving it still and virtually empty -- except for the residents -- during the fall and winter.

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Hilda Cerday: A walking miracle


"Stay Active! Do something you enjoy and keep your body moving. The key to not getting bored, and therefore becoming depressed as you age, is to always have a plan. Even if it is just once a month, take a little trip somewhere to break the monotony and to refresh your perspective on life." -- Hilda Cerday

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The perfect trip for animal lovers


(Oct. 20, 2016) -- With a public that is becoming ever more conscious of the myriad of animal welfare issues that exist, many travelers are looking for an alternative to zoos and theme parks; they want to visit locations where they know an animal is being treated right and is living the best life possible – namely sanctuaries.

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Exploring outside Glacier National Park


A visit to Glacier National Park is not complete just by touring the Going To The Sun Road. While that is a sight to behold, to see the park in all it's glory, you have to get to the outlying areas and even visit some of the surrounding cities.

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Prepare an emergency road kit


Being prepared with even half of the above items, may help your family in a time of need, when time is ticking and eyes are watching. Plan now to make life easier by planning for the unexpected and in the return our time on the road will be more enjoyable.

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4 days to help plan your travels


Whether your new travel life will include diaper changing and nap times, depending on the age of your children, it will more than likely include more planning and prep to make the kids are both enjoying themselves and comfortable along the way.

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Exploring Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park is one of the best national parks we have visited yet; in fact, it may just be my favorite. The views are second to none, every single hike we took had a view at the end that made me forget the grueling trek it took to get there, and the size of the park is small enough that you can see a lot of it in a few days, but big enough to spend a life time exploring it.

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Loving chocolate, having fun in Hershey, Pa.


We discovered that while this adorable little town has plenty to offer in the way of chocolate, it also has a variety of attractions and food stops that are completely unrelated to the sugary sweet treat, but are equally as fun.

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7 steps to plan your family’s road trip


Teetering between absolutely amazing and horribly awful, your family’s nomadic life could be a smooth paved drive or a rocky dirt road from a 1980’s horror film. The difference between the two can be as simple as a little forethought and planning to make sure all your bases are covered.

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