Sunday , August 20 2017
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Experience the festivals of Montreal this summer

(Photo courtesy of Destination Canada)

Expect the unexpected and you will be amazed at how unforgettable Montreal is from its wonderful French heritage to its famous year round festivals. Discover Montreal this summer and enjoy some of the wonderful festivals for the whole family.

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How to handle your RV in high winds

Camera Source - speeding RV

Taking extra precautions for tight spots, slowing down as you drive, steering clear of others on the road, and knowing when to sit it out can help you confidently navigate the potential dangers of RVing in high winds.

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Recipe of the week: Mexican lasagna

Vector Illustration of Old Italian Grunge Flag

This week's recipe was submitted by Rich and Kitty Grenier from Mins, Fla. They have been workampers and full timing for three years and enjoying every minute. They own a 38-foot KZ Escalade fifth wheel which they pull with a 350 Ford dually.

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Elderly cactus thrive in Saguaro National Park

There are a variety of cactus types on display at Saguaro National Park.

You'll enjoy tens of thousands of America's largest cactus at Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Ariz. It was delightful to see these iconic symbols of the American west standing guard like silent sentinels over the desert.

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Washington state’s natural monuments

Mount Rainier at dusk as seen from Seattle.

These sleeping volcanoes often look out of place as they tower over an endless see of pine trees. It's a surreal visualization as though someone painted a single mountain rising out of virtually nowhere.

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Miami: Home to fine food, Flipper, big gators and Cuban coffee

Palms and skyline of Miami

Miami is a very diverse city. On one hand you have possibly the most unique ecosystem in the country with the Everglades just a short ride from the city, then you have Little Havana with it's Cuban roots on display all up and down Calle Ocho to the up and coming art district of Wynwood.

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Mark My Words: How level does an RV need to be?

leveling blocks

I’m wondering how much twist the chassis and coach can withstand. What would be the effect if I simply parked it on the cement despite the unevenness of the parking space? I remain concerned that, without some help, this is a tremendous strain on the structural elements

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Recipe of the Week: 5-minute chocolate mug cake

Quick chocolate cake in a mug

This week's recipe for 5-minute chocolate mug cake and was submitted by Harriett Miller of Fort Wayne, Ind. Since 2007, she has been a member of RVing Women's Ohio River Valley and Great Lakes Chapters. She owns a 1996 Minnie Winnie.

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Visit Seattle by ferry for a memorable adventure

Washington ferry Fotolia

A ferry trip through Seattle's Puget Sound trip winds its way through some splendid scenery where, if you watch closely, you may spot a porpoise, harbor seal or even a whale. That makes it an affordable and memorable adventure.

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Up, up and away at the Pima Air Museum

(Photo courtesy of Pima Air Museum)

The 80-acre museum features indoor and outdoor displays of more than 300 historical aircraft from World War II to the present with several rare one-of-a-kind aircraft. The museum also offers interesting displays of spacecraft.

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