Saturday , September 23 2017
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Flipping a switch restores lost TV signal after FOUR years

Dimwitted woman

(April 3, 2015) -- I spend my summers living out of our fifth wheel in Manistee, Michigan. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't picking up over the air television. This went on for four summers. It wasn't until the cable tech came to install my internet service that he showed me the "booster" switch in the bedroom.

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Black tank disaster leaves RVer naked in front yard

(photo courtesy of the Traveling Travaglinos, the founders of Fulltime Families.)

(April 2, 2015) -- "TURN IT OFF" he was screaming, "TURN IT OFF" came Chris' both equally desperate and demanding cry. But his befuddled father, was mesmerized by the 6-foot poop fountain erupting violently at the epicenter of his pristinely manicured front lawn.

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