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Our readers select the Biggest Bonehead

(photo courtesy of the Traveling Travaglinos, the founders of Fulltime Families.)

The biggest bonehead award goes to Chris Travaglino with his story about the black tank disaster that left him naked in his parents front yard. We shudder to imagine the sight, let alone the situation that sparked such a response.

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Time to vote for the biggest bonehead


In honor of April Fools Month, we invited RVers of all experience levels to share their stories about the biggest, dumbest, most boneheaded things they had done with, in or to an RV. We got some fabulous entries that made our staff just cringe reading them. Now it's your turn to select the winner of our contest from among the submitted stories.

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A low railroad bridge can hurt your RV’s caboose


(April 27, 2015) -- Even though you have a truck GPS which has the height of your motorhome programmed into it and should warn you of a low overpass before you venture down the road, they aren't perfect and you need to be careful, stop, and think about what you are doing before you proceed.

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Impatience and rushing proves costly

Art Jacobson

I was determined to beat this guy with a yappy little dog and his mile long RV to the propane tank! I noticed this guy exit out the station at a high rate of speed and come around to the other entrance to align himself with the propane island. I watched the guy race onto the station and, not wanting to be beaten to the propane I quickly pulled forward and made a sharp left turn toward the propane.

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Pull the steps in before driving


I pulled our huge 37-foot fifth wheel out of the garage with the four steps down. The strong 4-inch steel post made a mess of the steps. It took hours with a hammer to straighten them out enough to get them to fit back in the hole.

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So that’s what you mean by ‘pull-through!’

Dimwitted woman

The staff person ended the process by saying, "Use the site No. 12 pull-through." My husband and I went to site No. 12 and looked for something to "pull through." We got to the site, and looked and looked for a rope, a cord -- anything that we could "pull through" the RV. So, I returned to the office and explained that there was nothing we could find to pull through.

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Hey, this looks like a sewer connection! Ooops!


(April 14, 2015) -- The campground had a directory of the sites on a table so I looked at it while I waited for a ranger to show up. It clearly showed that site No. 46 was a water and electric hook-up only. I then realized that what I thought was a sewer pipe was really a pipe they had a water shut off valve in. I just couldn't see it from the opening.

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Trusting mirrors without spotters leads to trouble


(Apirl 13, 2015) -- My back up camera was not installed yet, so I tried backing in by keeping an eye on the side mirror and watching for the marker. At some point I had a bad feeling I wasn't lining up right, so I stopped and got out to inspect.

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Tail swing catches object, cuts RV end cap in half


(April 10, 2015) -- As I made my slight left turn to avoid the tree, the tail of the motorhome caught the bucket on front of the tractor about midway down the battery compartment door. It was just enough to make a slight scratch, but it caught on the joint where the end cap connects and tore the fiberglass clean through between the curbside tail lights and halfway thru the street side.

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Hidden obstacles can cause big damage

Walter Swenson - booboo

(April 9, 2015) -- As the tail swings wide into the site, I catch a 4-by-4 post sticking up with the passenger side of the camper, folding the aluminum in the rear slide under. But, I continued on having the 4-by-4 post pop out through the rear fiberglass cap leaving a large hole in our new camper.

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Forgetting to turn the water off makes a soggy RV mess


(April 8, 2015) -- Long story short, since we were not on a site that allowed us to be constantly draining our sink water, the running water drained into our holding tanks. Once the tanks filled up, the water backfilled and began spilling out of the kitchen and outdoor kitchen sinks.

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One foot on gas, one foot on brake ain’t such a good idea


(April 7, 2015) -- I was backing into the spot very carefully, as I always do, but this time my foot slipped of the brake pedal. In a panic I tried to recover as soon as I could, but by the time I did, the motorhome had hit the shed and caused considerable damage to the building and to the rear cap of the motorhome.

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