Thursday , August 17 2017
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Family travel is a crazy family adventure


Well, we were living the American Dream. We had a beautiful home that we had built ourselves. It was very family friendly with a big backyard, finished basement filled with toys in a nice subdivision where tons of other kids lived. I truly believed this would be the house I would retire in and where my grandkids would come visit. Well, all that changed and we did an about face on the "American Dream."

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How offensive can you be while camping?

Wicked 1

If you head over the long pond to Australia and rent a camper van from Wicked Rentals, you can be very offensive. In fact, the government is drafting legislation to ban the campers from Australia's roadways.

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Can I sue?

gavel and dollars

My RV is a lemon, can I sue. In short, yes, you can sue anybody for anything. However, the legal process is a long and expensive route. Seeking an attorney and filing a lawsuit should be the last item on your to-do list. Before filing suit consider these other avenues of action.

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The spare room

RVIA - Class C interior

At times like this the motorhome comes in very handy as an annex so to speak. It sleeps six and, when everything’s hooked up, it’s very comfortable. The kids love it. In fact sometimes we can’t get ‘em out of there!

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Wine 103: The magic of a taste test

wine bottles and glasses

Wine is meant to be enjoyed. The ways we enjoy wine are to drink it, to pair it with food, and to share it with friends. So how should we evaluate wine by tasting, to ensure we are sharing good wine with our friends?

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When will technology impact driving safety?

Self-driving vehicle Fotolia

In a world where self-driving vehicles are coming within reach, it’s curious that one of our young Silicon Valley mover-shakers out there hasn’t come up with the answer to one of our deadly highway killers -- drowsy driving.

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