Monday , May 15 2017
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Making a living on the road


We're a rather young family (my wife and I are nowhere near retirement) and we're living on the road seeing fantastic sights and enjoying amazing experiences. What gives? I must be a trustfund kid, right? No. We're just a regular family that values experiences more than possessions.

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Donald and Daisy bring their friends to the pool


In late August/early September every day for about a month several hundred or so mallards will take off from one small lake, form up in precise military V-formations of about 20 birds each, flap like crazy like they’re headed for Manitoba and then skid onto another small lake about two hundred yards away! What’s the point, Daffy?

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A time and place for social media

hands of network addict parents using mobile phone neglecting little sad ignored daughter bored

Please be considerate of others when you take your young children to a public place. Don’t let them spoil the dining experience for others. Pay attention to them, connect with them on a personal level, not a technical one.

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A mysterious helper in the night

mysterious man

With the awning flapping in the storm and me holding on for the ride, out of the darkness a hooded figure appeared next to me, grabbed hold of the unruly awning and over the raging wind shouted, “You look like you need some help.” I couldn’t see his face, but that didn’t matter.

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Hiking with kids is an adventure


We've learned it can be an extremely challenging task when we are not on the same page as our kids when it comes to the hike. The good news is that we've also learned a few things on how to make a hike successful, so check out these tips on how to make hiking with kids a success.

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Making memories between generations


Grandpa knew that this would not be the last time he would share his Army experiences with the grandchildren, but this one will always be special because it promises to be a tradition.

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What to do when someone is hurt while traveling

Hospital Emergency Sign

We learned some valuable lessons from this. The first is to know your surroundings when traveling. Know where the closest hospital is. Know whether 911 is the right emergency number to call. Before you hit the road, give your insurance company a call to see if there is anything you need to know about before you go.

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Time spent together


From experience I know it doesn’t matter that we didn’t spend any money on these activities because it is the time together that makes the memories, and makes the difference in the lives of our grandchildren.

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What traffic light?

Traffic lights Fotolia

We’d just made it out of town when two unshaven and rumpled San Felipe policia in a dilapidated black & white decided we looked like a promising traffic stop.

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