Sunday , August 20 2017
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The routines of the RV lifestyle

Breakfast in Travel Trailer Web

We all seem to have routines in our daily and monthly lives, regardless of how much some of us yearn for and brag about our spontaneity. Routines that seem to provide a certain sense of security and well-being. Routines that are by choice or are somehow forced on us by our lifestyle or our preferences.

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T minus 14 days until full-time launch


(April 17, 2015) -- Yikes! That means there are 14 days -- just 336 hours or -- *gasp* -- only 20,160 minutes to go until launch date. I either better figure out how to clone myself quickly or switch from Diet Pepsi to Red Bull energy drinks for I sense there will be a few late nights in the horizon.

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Bird watchers gather in Arizona’s Verde Valley


Approximately 235 different bird species have been sighted during the birding festival over the years that the event has been held. The events are not limited to birdwatching, but will include a botanical walk, butterfly walk/talk, bighorn sheep presentation and "eating wild" walk.

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Healthy RV living: Making a water kefir

Jen - Water Kefir

Water kefir is another fermented beverage, like komboucha. But, it is even simpler than komboucha and boasts many of the same health benefits. Kefir is one of the most probiotic dense drinks and packs a lot of punch in every sip.

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Healthy RV Living: Benefits of komboucha tea

Jen - Komboucha 3

With more than 2,000 years of health benefits behind its belt, komboucha is gaining popularity, but most people still don’t know about this fermented wonder. Komboucha is a fermented sweet tea (black, green, or white) that contains probiotics, enzymes and B vitamins.

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Four tips to keep RV laundry to a minimum


Laundry, laundry, laundry -- the never-ending task! With six people in the family we have a decent amount of laundry. At the house, I had a really nice front loading washer and dryer. But it never felt like I could get caught up on the laundry.

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An open letter to the Millennials at Google

Google Maps logos lg

So, the question is, why does Google Maps insist on calling manufactured home communities "campgrounds" and "RV parks?" When people search for campgrounds, they are looking for temporary locations to park a recreation vehicle for a night or two or a week or two. They are generally not looking to set up permanent residences. They want to have a campfire and sit under their awnings enjoying an adult beverage while their children play.

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What if ‘someday’ never comes?

John and Kathy Huggins, founders of Living the RV Dream

Right now, there are MILLIONS of people still dreaming of "someday." Why dream? Workamping makes it possible for singles, couples and families to earn money while employed in limited term jobs. I have met dozens of people who run businesses out of their RVs -- requiring only electricity and an Internet connection to make a comfortable living.

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Waiting four hours for a cop isn’t much fun


I was tempted to call Dunkin Donuts to see if they'd deliver a dozen or so fresh pastries in hopes of enticing any one of the two dozen police officers who passed the RV -- or who were parked a block away monitoring traffic -- to stop and render assistance. As a former police officer myself, I know that cops can smell donuts even more effectively than dogs can smell pot.

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Mesmorized by ocean waves

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

There is something about camping near the ocean that makes RVing even more enjoyable than it already is. Sitting around a campfire as you share stories and make new friends is a staple of the RV life. But, the ability to watch the sun rise over the ocean, and listen …

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