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May the force be with you

Traffic lights Fotolia

(Oct. 18, 2015) -- You get to within about two hundred feet of that intersection and, boom! The signal goes to yellow. You know the yellow light means you should make every reasonable effort to stop. Do you brake and hope you can stop before you enter the intersection and get smacked? Or, do you hit the gas, run the red light and still get smacked? No wonder your palms are sweating.

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Tailgaters suck

Tailgating Fotolia

There is no excuse good enough for running into another car from behind. For those of us who drive bigger and heavier vehicles and tow things it becomes even more important to be alert and aware; to maintain sufficient following distances; to be traveling at appropriate speeds for existing conditions; and to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of our vehicles.

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Always in our hearts

Granddaughter grandmother

Over the next week the snacks will be enjoyed. The drawer will be emptied and over the winter probably be repurposed to hold something different. It is with sadness in our hearts that we have to leave them for so long but as my youngest granddaughter stated, “Grandma, you will always be in my heart.”

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Some people never learn

Emergency braking wheel with smoke on the highway.

(Sept. 27, 2015) -- I’m ferrying our motorhome across town the other day from my house to the place where we store it when this guy in his cool new high-rise pickup pulls up alongside me at a stop light.I mean this thing is spectacular! All black everything, about four stories tall, huge donuts on this baby and full daylight underneath. But, I’m cool with it because I’m looking down at him.

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Just smile and wave

happy woman waving patriotic American flags

Unusual things often happen when you live and work in an RV. A kitten’s tail can get caught in the RV door. You may get struck by lightning. There may be a streetlight shining in your back window and strange noises around you so if you do fall asleep you may wake up in the middle of the night and not remember where you are. Or, you can even end up as a parade entry.

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When it comes to RV dining, I prefer to eat out

Tavern by the Sea, North Kingstown, R.I.

Let's face it. Cooking isn't my thing. I can microwave like a pro, and it doesn't take rocket science to add milk to a bowl of Reeses Puffs (which makes a great meal any time of day, by the way). When I want a really good meal, I prefer to let others prepare it for me.

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Enjoy endless books on the road — without the weight

RV bookshelf

Books add a lot of weight to your RV and, especially for those of us full-timing, we all know the importance of every pound. Since we roadschool our kids, we have had to be creative in how we access books in all areas of the country. Here are some of the tips and tricks we have found that allow us to continue to rotate our reading selections.

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For best results, use water filters the right way

KDF filter

To be most effective, the water filter should be placed in a vertical position and mounted so that the water flows from the bottom to the top of the filter. Never mount or place the filter in a horizontal position because water seeks the path of least resistance.

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Watch out for damage-causing road alligators

Large american alligator in the road

We were cruising along in our motorhome a few miles north of Ely, Nev., on U.S. 93 working our way toward Boise. An alligator showed up on the road right in front of us. It was getting dark and I didn’t see it in time to avoid running over it. When I heard that nasty bang, which sounded like it came from somewhere back there by our towed vehicle, I knew it had got us pretty good.

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Amazon Prime — A traveling RVer’s best resource

Amazon Prime logo

It's hard enough not having a physical address, but finding a local store that carries your size shoe or a specific cable that you need when your computer stops working can be tricky. Amazon Prime makes life much easier in that regard.

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Where were you when Katrina hit?

Broken Road

The vivid memories of damage and devastation that I saw have remained with me for 10 years. Undoubtedly, the horrible memories of their struggle to survive will remain forever in the minds of tens of thousands of the residents of New Orleans who were fortunate to survive the power of Katrina.

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