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Casper Star Tribune: Tips for making camping just a little more enjoyable

From the writers at Casper Star Tribune.

Camping is an American pastime, and certainly a way of life for many Wyomingites.

And with camping comes greater access to all of those other things we crave: fishing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, climbing, the list goes on.

But even with the perks, it can always be a little easier.

“There are a million things you can do to be comfortable” while camping, said Miles Bundy, an avid outdoorsman and manager of the Casper Sportsman’s Warehouse. “I like to stay very clean.”

Bundy has upgraded from his early days in tents to a camper now, but he touts portable, self-heating showers like the Zodi. Solar heated showers can also take that bit of grime off.

“People after one day of camping feel grubby and dirty and want to go home,” he said. “If you can stay fresh and clean it makes your experience a lot better.”

Cooking and keeping food cold was also on the top of Bundy’s list. A good cooler and stove can take a one-night trip and extend it to a weekend or longer.

To offer more tips on gaining that extra camping edge, the Star-Tribune went to the source: a campground. Below are some tricks seasoned Wyoming campers have learned to make their weekend getaways just a little bit nicer.

To read the full story by Casper Star Tribune, click here.

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