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Camping with Gus

Camping With Gus: All-time favorite camping food

From the bloggers at Camping With Gus.

These easy camping meal ideas are true to the spirit of good ol’ campfire cooking, but without all the muss and fuss of a lot of work. Everyone wants to enjoy good camp food, but why should you get stuck doing all the cooking?

Fun, Easy, and Delicious – Tin-Foil Camping Meals
Kids love these because they get to feel like big kids – making their own food. Adults love them because they are easy, and they can be as creative as they want. And camp cooks love them because they are a lot less work than traditional camping meals.

The concept:
An assortment of foods are wrapped in foil and cooked in campfire coals – or on a grate over the coals – or even over charcoal briquettes in a grill. One good feature of these meals is the camp cook can get by with just prepping and laying out the camp food for the meals – then each camper creates, wraps, and cooks their own meal.

To read the full story by Camping With Gus, click here.

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