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Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar

Handy gadget makes it easy to open, close RV screen doors
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It may seem like a small update, but sometimes it's the little, inexpensive things in life that make a big difference. I found myself always struggling to go in and out of the screen door on our fifth wheel. Most of the times, my hands were full when I am going going back and forth and I have the hardest time grasping the door to shut it or keep the wind from catching the door and slamming it open.

Now, with the help of this little gadget, I have a nice bar to hold onto and securely shut and easily open my RV screen door.

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  • Well written, easy-to-follow instructions with pictures.
  • The handle provides a solid place to grab when entering and exiting your rig and makes shutting the screen door much easier.
  • The benefit outcome far outweighs the low price of this item.
  • The cross bar will also help to extend the life of your screen door by making sure pressure is not put on the screen by little (or big) hands.
  • All hardware that is need for the project is included.
  • The bar is fully adjustable and should fit all RV screen doors. The measurements are 21 5/8 inches to 28 5/8 inches
  • The item is extremely lightweight, weighing in at less than a pound.
  • You have full flexibility to put the bar at any height that works for the members of your RV. We chose to install our right above the plastic sliding portion of the actual handle.


  • Although not a huge project, the install was a little time consuming and required power tools. You had to get the measurement exactly right with no margin of error. We, of course, marked everything exactly as the instructions said and still had to redrill holes. Take your time and be precise on this part.

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