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Brake Buddy interior

Brake Buddy employs latest technology to stop towed vehicles

Brake Buddy employs latest technology to stop towed vehicles
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The Brake Buddy Vantage Select is very simple and easy to use. When researching supplemental braking options, we found Break Buddy uses the latest technology in breaking systems for tow behind vehicles.

When you are towing a 5,000 pound vehicle behind you, you want to be sure that it can stop when it needs to. Not to mention that most states require RVers to have a breaking system in the towed vehicle if it is more than 3,500 pounds. Each state is different so be sure to look into this when purchasing your tow vehicle and breaking system.

Brake Buddy


  • Easy to setup
  • Works on most vehicles
  • Can store in vehicle trunk when not in use
  • Carrying handle
  • Offers seven different breaking sensitivities
  • Offers two breaking modes (full and proportional)
  • Remote control for your motorhome dash
  • Able to set breaking sensitivity and braking mode from the remote in your motorhome
  • Remote runs off of battery or 12-volt plug
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Offers break away protection
  • Break arm easily attaches to break pedal and clamps to stay in place


  • Must sit on the carpet floor in your car and not a mat – since it would stick on a mat
  • Breakaway cable is difficult to install since it must be mounted to front bumper and run through your engine and firewall to get inside your car
  • Doesn’t engage that often with motorhomes with air breaks
  • Expensive – Buying it new it can be more than $1,000

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