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Box Canyon Blog: Venturing off-trail in search of Sara

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Every other day in the Klondike Camp is reserved for hiking. This is necessary in order to give our bottoms a break from ever-so-slender bike saddles, which nowadays are more invasive than a wretched colonoscopy.

North Klondike Trailhead: The Klondike is known to have thousands upon thousands of dinosaur tracks. Most are step-like depressions in the sandstone and bear little resemblance to footprints of the once enormous, long extinct creatures than roamed around here when it was almost tropical, with ferns and water and lush vegetation.

Bobbie and I have been zooming over these little depressions on bike rides and hikes, never the wiser. Thus the main emphasis of this hike was to find tracks that actually looked as if they were made by dinosaurs instead of common erosional forces of nature. A secondary emphasis was to stray off-trail a bit in search of mining ruins, using old four wheel drive roads and wash bottoms, sandstone, cow tracks, and/or any other means of locomotion that does not bust Govie’s precious Cryptobiotic Crust.

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