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Box Canyon Blog: The troll under the bridge

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Ouray’s Perimeter Trail was recently extended, complete with a new bridge over Oak Creek and a resident troll living underneath.

Spoiled rotten view snobs, Bobbie and I (more me than her) are sometimes guilty of taking Ouray’s “amenities” for granted. I whine about spring snows and short summers, but that’s more of a relief valve. In the end, we are both fortunate to have so many recreational options within walking distance… hiking, Hot Springs, laps at the pool, fine breweries and dining… views!

Pushing 7 miles, the newly extended Perimeter Trail now tops the list… a grand circle of woods, rivers, and waterfalls that encompasses Lovely Ouray and can be done in about three hours.

To read the full story by Box Canyon Blog, click here.

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