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Box Canyon Blog: Road to happiness paved in red

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Zion is the winsome woman in the room, bewitching, captivating, and disarmingly drop-dead-gorgeous. Being a sucker for anything Red—Corvettes, sun dresses, rocks—she targets my predilection like a guided missile, straight to the heart.

Hiking Petroglyph Canyon with Bobbie and fellow blogger/hiking-mate Suzanne, I caught myself ogling (mouth all agape, a little drop of drool in one corner), trolling for adjectives and trying to come up with the right words in the right order such that they might convey what, to me, is nothing short of a dazzling landscape. There are but few places where words are utterly inadequate and fall short of the glory of God. The trail-less canyon backcountry of Zion is one of those places.

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