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Box Canyon Blog: Race against the dying light

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

“It has come quickly… this crushing, industrial love of paradise. The pervert-free, less-trammeled, hundred-mile-view days were little more than two decades past, not so very long ago.” The Anthropology of Turquoise, by Ellen Meloy.

Recalling her wild and free Sierra Mountain roots, Meloy writes, “The true heart of a place does not come in a week’s vacation. To know it well…’one must wait its occasions’—follow full seasons and cycles… a retreating snowpack, a six-year drought, a ponderosa pine eating up a porch. Wild mountains offer a promise of undomesticated life…and by necessity and sheer numbers of nature-starved pilgrims, visits there must be brief. Memory…still ignite(s) a consuming longing for those Sierra days of witless youth and enflamed senses. I still carry the land so deep in my bones that I cannot bear to go back.”

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