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Box Canyon Blog: Put a lid on it

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

I’ve only “cleaned” The Snake once in some 5 or 6 attempts. It’s steeper and tighter than it appears, with drop-offs on all sides. It never fails to psych me out… including the time I made it through without a single “dab.” In fact, just knowing it’s coming makes me uneasy. I end up plotting new ways to attack it, which diverts attention away from the “traps” at hand. Ah, another reason to “live in the moment,” I suppose.

On a brisk and beautiful spring morn we made a ride from camp to the south Klondike Trail Head, a little over three miles. Never one to rank style over comfort, Bobbie eschewed snickers from her one-man “peanut gallery” and donned a thick knitted headband in order to keep her ears warm… which rendered her “bonnet” useless as a safety device and likened her to Abe Lincoln in top hat, minus the “tails.”

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