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Box Canyon Blog: Postcards from the edge of Heaven

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

If there is one hike we never tire of repeating it is the trek to Bullion King Lake and beyond, to one of several 13,000 foot plus ridge line saddles that connect a series of ragged peaks. The upper basin is indescribable—beyond words, but hopefully not beyond postcards.

Bullion King is Disneyland for adults… only white snow instead of Snow White. Throw in a couple blue lakes, a splash of assorted wildly colored flowers and voila, a breathtaking sensory experience… literally, and figuratively.

While Jim was preoccupied—wrestling with a water leak in the Lazy Daze’ outdoor shower—Little Adventurer Gayle, Bopolo Kim, Highway Taker Suzanne, the Q’s, and THE To Simplify Glenn all piled into Petroleous Rex about a mile on the Silverton side of Red Mountain Pass. Yes, Bullion King would require yet another jostling, nail-biting, panic attack inducing 4  wheel drive road.

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