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Box Canyon Blog: On the true cost of obsolescence

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Perched on the rim of a small canyon, where the snowcapped LaSalles and red rocks of Arches make up a vast and spectacular front yard. A mere 20 miles south, Moab endures the annual mayhem and double trouble of Spring Break and Jeep Safari Week. Motor-heads, Start your Engines!  Somewhere in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Edward Abbey rolls over in his grave.

I guess the new “thing” is to serve fancy latte da coffees and goodies at bike shops these days… a good idea, apparently. There was a line of smiling customers waiting for a swamped Barista to fill orders. What ever gets them in the door, right?

My eyes were drawn to a Competition Orange Cannondale. Bold black letters on the crossbar read: “Bad Habit.” It sounded more like a name for a race horse (long pause) ohhhh, I get it. Nice. The color reminded me of my old ’69 Camero, the exact same shade of competition orange. Man, I loved that car.

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