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Box Canyon Blog: On risk/reward

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

In the distant west, Pine Mountain lay hidden under a mantle of clouds, clinging remnants of a one day storm that gave abused feet and legs a day off from work, er, “play.”

It was mostly sunny otherwise, excepting a few renegade billows that managed to brake free from Pine Mountain’s cloud coral. Temps were on the crisp side, too cold by most full-time Rver’s standards (anything less than 60 degrees). I took pity and emailed a few options for hiking near Saint George, always a few degrees warmer. We chose the always photogenic Snow Canyon; mounds of red petrified sand bleeding out under impossible blue sky.

Laurelee and Libby accompanied fellow gangsters Chris, Suzanne, Bobbie and your’s truly to the end of Snow Canyon’s paved bike path, a little over three miles. Dogs are not allowed to go cross country so we parted ways with L L and Libby in order to fully explore Snow Canyon’s surreal landscapes.

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