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Box Canyon Blog: On change and leaving

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

A final goodbye salute to the land of Red Rocks and Wonder. Hiking buddy Chris had long sense scooted on down the road and we missed him sorely. Then, the ultimate escape artist and last holdout, “Impermanent Suzanne,” needed to heed the call of the road and departed the day before Thanksgiving. …a lonely, unsettled vacuum descended upon “camp Zion.”

Left to our own devices, Bobbie and I decided to take advantage of the convenient spoils of BLM land located behind the RV park—literally thousands of acres laced with mountain bike-able dirt roads and miles and miles of single track… easy to advanced.

Last year the gang went for a hike out in the BLM Bliss and stumbled across an old road/trail that zig-zagged it’s way up to the golden cliffs of Gooseberry Mesa. Gooseberry is yet another area with an extensive network of mountain bike-able trails and backroads, someplace I intend to lobby the Gang to consider as an October destination next year. It is a mesa top much like Guacamole—treed with pinion and juniper and lumpy with smoothed boulders to play on. In fact, at one point in time, Goosberry and Guacamole were connected. But the mighty Virgin River needed someplace to go and today they stand apart, separated by a couple of crow-fly miles.

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