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Box Canyon Blog: No simple task

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

It seemed like a simple, straight forward question, coming from a man who is considered the human incarnate of a “To Simplify” philosophy. “Can you recommend a two day hike of less than 20 miles?”

I could have replied, “Just pick any trail, hike 10 miles, camp, then turn around.” But this was going to be Glenn’s first “overnighter,” excluding a recent “test run” where he set up camp about a hundred feet from the security of his Vanagan home (yep, he traded traditional rent/mortgage “sticks and bricks” for “freedom,” and has lived happily ever after in a personally customized van, one that doesn’t even “pop up.”).

Well, there are only about a million choices for such a hike around Lovely Ouray. I was having a difficult time paring them down to the one “perfect” camping experience… a hike that would make his already simple lifestyle seem complicated, who knows, maybe even launch him on a Bear Grylls/Cheryl Strayed trajectory, something dangerous, something Wild. The only thing simpler than living in a Van, is living out of a backpack… forever. It would spawn a New York Times best selling book, followed by a Movie, Wilder, in which I would play myself in a small cameo roll as the man responsible for his first backpacking trip, the one that changed his life, made him rich and famous. Whew.

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