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Box Canyon Blog: I’m back…

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

I had my six-week post-op evaluation in Montrose on Thursday. Doc Sharp shoved a long, gloved finger into the upper reaches of my inner sanctum and asked me to turn my head and cough a couple of times. “Feels appropriate,” he says. “Appropriate?” I say. “Well, in Med School we’re taught never to say ‘It feels good’ when poking around erogenous zones.”

Doc gave me the go-ahead to resume my outrageous lifestyle—hike, bike, climb, run, jump, lift, cough/sneeze—using “pain” as a guide to let me know when I’m overdoing.

“At six weeks,” he says, “the “patch” is at 60 percent strength; it takes a full year to reach 90 percent, and two years to reach 99 percent.” I was pleased to the point of giddiness.

I grabbed and shook his hand, said, “No offense, Doc, but I hope I never see you again,” to which he replied, “Likewise, go have some fun,” to which I replied, “Try and stop me,” to which he replied with a “thumbs up,” to which I replied, “This is getting awkward, isn’t it?”, to which he agreed.

The “rain” on this “Fractured Fairytale” is that we had to stop at Walmart for groceries. I guess “living happily ever after” is a day by day exercise (sigh). But come Friday, I donned a full pack and headed up “Full Moon Trail” above Crystal Lake.

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