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Box Canyon Blog: Gratitude

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Life is a lot like the canyons Bobbie and I hike around Zion, full of complications, snags, and cliffs. After several trips to the ER for pulmonary embolisms over the past few years I was finally diagnosed with a chronic blood clot disorder, all due to one little defective gene.

I’ve been told by ER nurses and Docs De Jour that I dodged the proverbial bullet(s). I’m still here, but now on blood thinners for ever and ever. I was also told to sell my mountain bike and to let up on the “gas” a little when it comes to bouldering and climbing, seems a crash or fall while on blood thinners can cause an internal bleed-out.

As you might imagine, I didn’t take it very well. Neither would you if the life you knew and loved—pretty much your reason for living—was suddenly off limits.

To read the full story by Box Canyon Blog, click here.

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