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Box Canyon Blog: Doing what we love to do

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

A few weeks ago, June 14, to be precise, I did a hike-post entitled “The Ridge To The Bridge Of Heaven…” Bobbie and I took the Horse Thief Trail from the north side of Lovely Ouray, pretty much right across from our house. We didn’t make it to the “Bridge” due to snow (and tired legs).

Wanting to finish the hike all the way to the “Bridge,” we decided to try anther route by taking a short drive over to the Dexter Creek side. It saved some 800 feet of elevation gain and shortened the distance from about 10.5 miles down to 8 and change. The “Bridge” rests at 12,300 feet, and the trail is considerably more gentle from the Dexter Creek approach.

Once we broke free of forest, it was clear sailing with far views of mountain swells that faded to ripples as they were swallowed up by distance.

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