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Box Canyon Blog: Days spent in wild places are not wasted

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“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard

Peering into the bowl from an adjoining ridge, I found it near unfathomable that 400 hard-rock residents once called this unforgiving place “home.” Over time, the crushing weight of winter snows and volatile avalanches have taken a destructive toll on all but a couple of buildings. Gravity, like rust and scheming women, never sleeps.

The historic Virginius Mine is located in Governor Basin, a mere ten miles above Lovely Ouray. It is a magnificent otherworldly place, hemmed in cloud-snagging 13,000 foot summits of Gilpin, Emma, and Mendota Peaks. Between Emma and Mendota exits a raggedy-ass 13,000 foot sawtooth ridge known as Saint Sophia, the knife-edge demarcation between Ouray and San Miguel counties.

With the brute force of Petroleous Rex, our trusty 4 X 4 gas-hog of a pickup truck, Bobbie and I negotiated swollen streams, mud, and a narrow Jeep-trail—unceremoniously carved into an abrupt cliff-face as if someone double dog dared a road builder to try and put it there. It had been bulldozed clear of snow all the way to Governor Basin, I assume due to reactivation of the “Virginius” (now called The Revenue) mine. But ours was a search for another kind of “glitter,” beyond flakes and nuggets buried in the maze of shafts burrowed beneath these mountains.

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