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Box Canyon Blog: Chinle/Scoggins/Coalpits Loop Hike

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

This is what we have to show for a sun splashed 11 mile hike through Zion’s Wilderness.

The hike was preceded by a day of rain/snow and a blast of cold, hence long pants on everyone but me. In spite of cooler and stormier weather this year, they are mostly one day squalls and we manage to get group hikes every other day or so.

Sunshine makes all the difference when hiking. We start out with goose bumps, but an hour later everyone’s peeling off layers and wishing they’d worn shorts.

Chinle Trail starts from a parking lot below Anasazi Hills, a  spacious subdivided collection of upscale southwestern style homes that borders the National Park Boundary between Rockville and Springdale. The trail routes us a mile or so up a wash, between homes with views to die for, eventually passing through a gate. A small sign reads, “Zion Wilderness.”

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