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Box Canyon Blog: AWOL and natural bridges

From the bloggers at Box Canyon Blog.

Sometimes bloggers go AWOL. For me it’s usually temporary  Maybe nothing’s going on, seldom the case for Bobbie and I as we are out and about almost every day.

More likely, at least in my case, once or twice a year I question the “rut” of blogging. Is the BCB becoming an obstacle? Avoidance mechanism? A “bad” habit? Obsolete? Maybe there is something else I could/should be doing with the all the hours it takes to set the BCB table with a feast of photos and daily muse. After all, hasn’t it all been seen and said before?

It reminds me of my dear mom, the slave labor of preparing three meals a day for a family of five… often starting on the next meal before cleaned up from the previous. How is long term blogging any different? Mom’s labor was a toil of love. So is blogging. For a while, anyway. Lately, not so much. At least in Mom’s case, we kids eventually left home and she was able to semi-retire.

Utah’s backcountry internet signal is about as weak as the ale from its near-beer breweries. We’ve been riding the 1x wave lately… no service, no blog posts, no 911. I almost blew off the past couple of weeks, let you feed from someone else’s trough. But untold stories have a way of building up steam, so what’s new.

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